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quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

Leonie Dawson: Shining Biz + Life Academy - FINALMENTE!

The Big Shining September Sale!

For 30-days only we're offering a super affordable extended payment plan for the Shining Biz + Life Academy!!

If you’re ready to share the Academy with your community and and make some extra moolah while you're at it now is time time. 

About the Academy:

The Shining Biz & Life Academy is a divinely-guided, wildly-affordable and deeply-powerful success library that’s just a fraction of the cost you see elsewhere.

It is chock-full of programs & resources to help you shine in every area of your biz + life, it’s one of the most generously-priced, powerfully inspired transformational training systems you’ll find, ANYWHERE in the world.

When someone from your community joins the Shining Biz & Life Academy they’ll receive:
Powerful business + marketing training to help you start + grow your dream biz rapidly + happily
E-courses to supercharge your creativity, wrangle your fears + become a marketing maven
Illustrated workbooks to create clarity + intention across your life & biz
Audio meditations to soothe your soul
Tips to get your house decluttered + your inner world in order
Cleanses to bring your body into health + radiance.
Videos trainings, audio inspirations and workbooks to unlock your abundance, free your creativity and allow your heart and soul to shine.

Short Version: 

Shining Biz + Life Academy Extended Payment Plan Option
Dates: September 1 - September 30
Special: Join the Academy with 12 Payments of $49.95 
Affiliate: Earn 50% of each membership 


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