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«Contos de fada são mais do que a verdade. Não porque eles nos dizem que dragões existem, mas porque eles nos dizem que dragões podem ser derrotados.»

~ Neil Gaiman ~

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

«Pigoitas» in english

The Pigoitas are born!
In some regions in Portugal we say «Pigoita» («Peagoitaa» as we say in portuguese) to something/someone cute and small. Usually we use it to describe small/young children. That's actually the nickname that my son Tiago calls my Joana (younger than him). Being a fabric Pigoita it's not easy! They are used for cuddling, for companionship or even as a small pillow. All Pigoitas have a nice smile. Their eyes can be opened or closed, but they are always alert, and will certainly take care of their new owner. When you offer a Pigoita, you will offer unconditional love...

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